Best (&& worst) advice ever received.

As your typical college girl, I know what it’s like to not know what to do and ask someone else what you should do. But just because you ask someone else for advice does not mean that they are going to give you the best directions on what you should do. Sometimes they’ll give you wonderful advice, other times…. It’ll be completely awful advice (now that doesn’t mean that it wasn’t good advice at all, just not good for you). I’ve had my fair share of both of these circumstances where some advice was wonderful, but other advice was… not so wonderful.

Some of the best advice I’ve ever received was a very plan and simple sentence, “Trust in God.” I know that’s really simple and a lot of people wouldn’t agree with me for considering it’s the best advice I’ve received. But personally this is the best advice I have ever been told. It just reminded me that I need to trust God in everything I do, whether I’m stressed out or have a lot of anxiety or have the best day ever.

Now some of the worst advice I’ve ever received… drum roll please… “Don’t listen to what they say.” In the sense of don’t listen to what adults tell you. I was told this once when I was younger and was told by an adult that I needed to work on my grades, and my friend told me to not listen to them. Which I listened to the advice and it did not end well for me. Adults just want to help you succeed as you are growing up, so if they say something to you when trying to help you… you should listen to them. I think that this would have been good advice if it were in a different sense then it was taken.

I like to think that if you listen to and remember advice, even if it isn’t the best in a specific situation, because you can always use it in a situation later.

til vi møtes igjen



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