Dear younger me

Dear younger me,

If only I could’ve known what I know now when I was your age. So I’m sharing this advice with you now so that if you ever need it in the future you have it.

You’re 16, that boy you think you like so much that is leaving for college… he isn’t important. He isn’t the one you are going to marry, so don’t let him have the power to make you upset when he stops talking to you after he goes away this fall.

Your love for God, don’t ever let that go. Not even a little bit. It is what will keep you grounded your whole life. He is the one that you should fall in love with in your teenage years, not some football playing high schooler.

That high school boy you like at 17 isn’t going to be the college boy you like in three years (or five years). He isn’t going to be the boy you marry. He isn’t going to be the one that works no matter the distance. You want to know why? Because he isn’t the one that God has planned for you.

You’re 18, that boy that you keep fighting with… he isn’t who you’re meant to be with. God has a plan for you; you need to trust in Him.

You’re life has always seemed to have a boy in it, and that may be your problem. Not that having someone to share your life with is bad, because it isn’t. You just may not be picking the best people for the type of life you want to live, and that’s okay because people make mistakes in life.

That friend you have that always makes you feel like you have to do things you don’t want to do, you don’t have to be friends with her anymore. You can say no if you don’t want to do something she thinks you should do.

But the most important thing of all that I want to share with you is to trust God. If you put your heart in God’s hands, then he will turn around and put your heart in the hands of people who will cherish and protect it. God knows the people that are meant to be in your life, and the people who aren’t. Trust Him when something comes along that causes someone to leave your life, God has a reason for them leaving. If you have faith in God and you don’t search for the people who are meant to be in your life, then you will find them. The best things come when you aren’t looking, only trusting Him with your wants and wishes, only trusting Him to know who and what is best for you.


Your younger self

PS- You will get everything you need and more in your life. Always be grateful, always be loving, always have courage, and always be kind.

til vi møtes igjen

2 thoughts on “Dear younger me

  1. xoleahgrace says:

    YES! This is something I try to teach the young girls that I mentor from the youth group. You don’t need to be dating or “talking to a boy.” Focus on yourself, schooling, and relationship with God. He’ll provide the perfect man when He can tell that you are ready for a relationship. Great post!

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  2. dearashblog1 says:

    This is so beautiful and wise. It truly brings me back. I especially resonated with dating the boy who you always fight with, that needed to be let go of a long time ago. If only we knew back then what we know now!

    Much love,
    Ashley |

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