Hey Y’all!

I know it seems like it’s been forever since I posted a blog post… probably because it has been! But I’m back and I’m typing this post from the comfort of my NEW APARTMENT (wooohoooo). These past few weeks I have been packing, moving, unpacking, in Tennessee, home for the 4th, in Texas, and now I’m finally back in Fayetteville for a little while before I leave again. My summer turned out to be busier than I had originally planned, which I am totally okay with. But I will be writing more now that I have moved and all that’s left is some unpacking.

Over these past few weeks I have seen the love of the Lord in so many different places, but one stands out more than anything else. And that is in the beautiful landscapes that God created just for us to be able to experience for ourselves. While I have in Tennessee I saw so many beautiful mountains and valleys, I just couldn’t help but stop and stare at them for a little while. Though pictures will never do the views I saw justice, I’ll show you some of the ones I took. I went to Tennessee with one of my best friends and her family, and I am forever thankful that they invited me along because I had the best time ever while we were there.

Then when I was in Texas, even though it isn’t mountains, valleys, beaches, or landscapes like that… the skyline of Dallas is a sight all its own. And I love that skyline so much that I want to be a short drive away from it after graduation. But I just thought about how God gave us the intelligence and the imagination to be able to come up with these ideas for buildings that scrape the sky, and buildings that look like they are made of mirrors (even though it is only glass). When I think of that I am so thankful to God.

So I just wanted to share with you God’s amazing love for us and his ability to create these landscapes and to create the amazing people who then create the buildings that make up skylines. (Though I sadly don’t have any pictures of the Dallas skyline from this trip, but I do have some of the mountains in Tennessee).

til vi møtes igjen

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