It’s been a while..

I know it’s been a while since I last wrote on here.. I feel like I’ve been disconnected from practically everything since school started. Today I went through my phone and saw all the notifications I’ve been ignoring for a few weeks now (it was toooooo many). I’ve been so busy with everything, I dove right into the deep end of the pool when school started. Joined two new clubs (Eta Sigma Delta and PCMA), started going to a Wednesday night church and Thursday night small group (LOVING THEM), became an ambassador for a local event planning company called Bates Events, and dove right in to sorority stuff. So it has been hard to keep up with everything, but I’m surviving just not necessarily always thriving. I’m going to share in this post a few photos from this year.. just so you get a picture of a few things I’ve been busy doing.

This year has been really stressful so far, so I just wanted to share with y’all a few things I do to keep myself calm and in the present (which can be very hard for me to do sometimes, so I tend to do these on a daily basis). So here goes nothing:

  1. To keep myself organized, every Sunday I plan my week in my planner. Or I at least plan what I know about so far. That way I can look real quickly when planning meetings and other things throughout the week to see when I am free.
  2. I make sure to set aside time right before I go to bed to be by myself for at least 15 minutes, during that time I read or do what I call a body scan (just focus on different parts of my body, to bring me back to the present).
  3. I read my bible whenever I get stressed, anxious, or just worn down throughout the day. Reading my bible brings me back to what’s important when I get too stressed out about finishing a specific assignment or studying for a test, or when I get too distracted from what is important in life.

Those are only 3 things, but those 3 things have helped me so much already this year. By this time in the year I am normally so stressed that I am getting physically sick, but so far this year that has not happened! So if you are the same way, maybe these tricks will help you too. They’re basic but they really work, so give them a try if you’ve tried everything else and it hasn’t worked.

til vi møtes igjen

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